In addition to participating on and winning races, International Racing USA, has as one of its main objectives to guarantee the safety of its drivers. Therefore, our technical staff is constantly working and evaluating with each of the drivers the adoption of better technologies and equipments available on the market that wil allow us to provide the greatest degree and level of safety and performance to our drivers. We take safety very seriously because we understand that, in this discipline, it is a key factor for the success of the team.

In view of the abovementioned factors, International Racing USA, has established strategic alliances and partnerships with various leading manufacturers worldwide, in order to represent and/or use their products, which enables us to certify that we count on a reliable infrastructure and equipments of global recognition as shown below:




PRD Fireball

PRD-FIREBALLAs a key element in the performance of race teams, International Racing USA, is the exclusive representative of PRD Fireball engines to the state of Florida, which are manufactured in Taiwan, China. In this sense, International Racing USA constitutes itself as the exclusive distributor for its marketing and sales, as well as a representative providing specialized technical support. These engines are an excellent starting choice for new karting drivers due to their cost, durability, and outstanding performance. In view of these factors, International Racing USA has been working together with the manufacturer in order to foster this category on the American circuits, with highly satisfactory results. Currently, the drivers of International Racing USA use the PRD Fireball engine in both, the practice sessions and local races that constitute the different championships organized in the circuit of Homestead, Florida.

Rok Vortex GP

VortexInternational Racing USA, is one of the authorized distributors allowed to sell this engine, which is manufactured in Italy. It constitutes an excellent option for more experienced drivers since this category is present in all major championships at the regional (Rok Cup USA and Florida Winter Tour), national (SK USA SUPERNATS) and international(RoK Cup International Championship) levels. Currently, the drivers of International Racing USA, use the Rok Vortex engine on races that make up the regional championships where the team participates.





After evaluating the performance and technical support of different types of chassis manufacturers such as Lotus and PCR, International Racing USA, is currently using the TONY KART chassis, which is designed and fabricated in Italy, and has been approved by both, our technical staff and our drivers, due to its drivability, the quality of its components, and the wide availability of parts and spare pieces.




Pursuant to the regulations of the race organizers, International Racing USA, uses MG  and Bridgestone tires in their different versions of dry and wet tracks.




tires1 tires2




International Racing USA, counts on a 20 ft x 40 ft tent in order to provide technical support to the kartings during races, and for the relaxation of the drivers after each session as shown below:





Transportation Vehicles and Main Workshop


In regards to the transportation and storage of the kartings, International Racing USA, has procured different vehicles and a main workshop located in the City of Doral, Miami, Florida. This infrastructure allows us to provide the best care and technical support to both, drivers and vehicles before, during and after each race.