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  • Arrive and Drive Programs Available

    We have two types of packets to arrive and drive on which will be given an advanced school like racing line, braking point, drive position etc. Very important in this program you drive all the time, we do not give theoretical classes of two hours or more. These programs are

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    Nick Hargraves 3 place

    Nick Hargraves 3 place in the championship Rok Shifter Sr after dispute the championship to the last lap!! The FWT is the next chance!!

  • 01

    Amazing weekend

    What an Amazing weekend for the team with drivers Nick Sanchez & Nick Hargraves taking a 1 , 2 finish in the Rok Shifter !!! Keep going guys.

  • 05

    Amazing day of practice with Franco Carabetta

    Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Lopez, Nick Sanchez, Nick Hargraves, Alessandro Nusiner, Dario Delvas, Gaby Zughella and Nikola!!!

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    Rok Cup Usa Championship!!

    I am so proud of all my drivers for the amazing progress in the Rok Cup Usa Championship !! Ian Leon in micro class, Nick Sanchez in Jr class, Carlos Rodriguez Sr class with good job in the first race in Sr class and Nick Hargraves for de 3 place

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  • Tent Space Available for Rok Cup Usa 3 Round at Homestead !!
  • Another day of practice with the team!!
  • Amazing day of Practice with the team Franco Carabetta, Andre Irigoyen, Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Lopez, Nicholas...
  • The team never stop , today practicing with Nick Sanchez , Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Lopez,Andre Irigoyen, Franco...
  • Excellent weekend for the team in the Rok Cup Usa event at Ocala , i am so proud for all my drivers.Nick Sanchez...